Case Studies

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At SJ Mortgages, we are dedicated to providing practical financial advice tailored to our individual client needs. We appreciate that everyone’s personal circumstances are different and require flexible solutions. Here are some example case studies of some more complex situations where we have helped buyers successfully navigate the home purchasing process.

Supporting first-time buyers

We were approached by a first-time buyer who wanted to purchase the property that they were currently renting, however they couldn’t borrow the amount that they needed on their own. We were able to help them with a Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor mortgage which allowed them to borrow the amount that was required, this type of mortgage allowed the applicant and their stepfather to be part of the mortgage however only the applicant was named on the deeds meaning they were still entitled to their FTB stamp duty allowance.

Saving our client’s money and stress

We were asked by an existing client to help them with their remortgage, six months prior to the end of the existing deal. Our client was concerned with the state of interest rates and he thought that they would continue to increase between now and the end of his existing deal. We proceeded with an application and secured his new mortgage offer in readiness for the end of his deal. However, the market changed meaning rates started to reduce instead. We have been able to reduce the rate that he secured from 5.7% down to 4.06% in time for the end of his deal. This resulted in a saving of £29,832 over the course of his 5-year product.

Overcoming insufficient income scenarios

We were asked by a new client for help with their buy-to-let mortgage. Their lender told them that the rental income that the property would generate wasn’t enough to support the amount of mortgage that they were looking to achieve. We were able to help our client by using a lender that can use their disposable income to cover the shortfall in the rent that is required to meet the calculation needed. This meant that they were able to purchase their new investment property.

Finding mortgage solutions following a separation

A new customer was referred to us to help them with their mortgage following their separation. Our client wanted to keep their house however their current lender wouldn’t allow her to borrow the amount that she required to buy out her partner from the property. By using her overtime and shift allowances, we were able to find a lender that would consider lending her the amount that she needed meaning that she could keep her home and release the money that was needed to buy out her partner.

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